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Research Chair: HIV & AIDS in Education

Prof Muki Moeng (Dean: Faculty of Education, NMMU)

Prof Andrew Leitch (DVC Research and Engagement, NMMU)

Prof Paul Webb (Director: SERE, Faculty of Education, NMMU)

Dr Christina Jordaan (Senior Lecturer, Head of Programme: Intermediate Phase (IP), Faculty of Education, NMMU)

Dr Rosemary Kalenga (HIV and AIDS Unit, NMMU)

Dr Nolunkcwe Bomela (Research Management, NMMU)

Managa Pillay (HEAIDS programme)

Prof Claudia Mitchell (James McGill Professor of Visual Arts-based Methodologies, HIV & AIDS and Social Change, Montreal, Canada)

Contact information
Prof Naydene de Lange
Tel: 27 41 504 4519