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Research Chair: HIV & AIDS in Education

PhD candidates

Msutwana, V. Xhosa secondary school teachers reimagining sexuality education in the context of HIV and AIDS in South Africa.

Gudyarunga, D. HIV and AIDS Education curriculum in Zimbabwe.

Cherrington, A. Exploring hope from the perspective of South African children made vulnerable due to HIV/AIDS

Geldenhuys, M. Addressing gender-based violence in the age of AIDS in schools in rural KwaZulu-Natal: Peer educators using participatory cultures.

Kader, C. An exploration of how female adolescents in “sugar daddy” relationships construct their sexuality in the context of HIV and AIDS

Khanare, F.P. Lived experiences of orphaned and vulnerable children in the age of HIV and AIDS in rural KwaZulu-Natal

Mahadev, R. Exploring sexual violence among Indian youth in senior secondary schools in the age of AIDS: A participatory video approach

Mnisi, T. Digital storytelling: Exploring HIV-related stigma with learners in two rural Kwazulu-Natal schools

Pillay, S. The construction of sexuality of female adolescents of Indian descent in the face of HIV and AIDS

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