Change the world

Research Chair: HIV & AIDS in Education

Project Leader: Naydene de Lange

Co-Researchers: Claudia Mitchell (McGill University, Canada), Linda Theron (NWU), Kesh Mohangi (UP), Lesley Wood (Nelson Mandela University), Danie Jordaan (Nelson Mandela University) and Kim Berman (UJ)

In an attempt to determine the impact of the visual and arts-based participatory research, assessment tools need to be developed to evaluate the difference such research can make in the lives of participants. New avenues to apply such methodologies in HIV and AIDS research, incorporating an evaluative component, will be explored, as well as how to adjust and improve the evaluative tools to provide evidence-based data to assess the impact thereof.

By inviting researchers from various disciplines, but also from various higher education institutions and NGOs - who currently use arts-based approaches in addressing issues around HIV and AIDS, to a national discussion, a critical mass of researchers would enable interrogation of evaluative work in determining the impact of arts-based research.