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Research Chair: HIV & AIDS in Education

Digital voices of rural teachers in South Africa: Participatory analysis, ‘being a teacher in the age of AIDS’ and social action (SSHRC) (2011-2014).

Mitchell C (Project Leader), Park E, Moletsane R,  De Lange N

Digital Voices asks two key questions: 1) what difference can the participation of rural teachers make  to deepening an understanding of youth sexuality and HIV&AIDS particularly in the context of culture: and 2) how can these meanings be translated into more nuanced understanding and treatment of critical social issues in community based programs and policy? This study aims to identify the ways in which the voices of rural teachers in two provinces of South Africa particularly hard hit by the AIDS pandemic (KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape) can become more central to meaning making when it comes to identifying and addressing critical issues of youth sexuality in the age of AIDS.