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Research Chair: HIV & AIDS in Education

Integration of HIV&AIDS issues across disciplines in institutions of higher learning in South Africa (NRF)( 2011-2013)

Linda van Laren (Project Leader)(UKZN), Naydene de Lange (Nelson Mandela University) & Pius Tanga (UFH)

Through cross and interdisciplinary collaboration between three HEIs (UKZN, Nelson Mandela University and UFH) the objectives of this collaborative project is to locate, develop, extend and share existing integration of HIV&AIDS education interventions in disciplines at the three HEIs using a Starting with ourselves approach.  In other words, the researchers will focus on integration of HIV&AIDS education interventions at their own institutions within their own faculties. After examination of existing interventions, further possibilities and strategies for integration of HIV&AIDS education in disciplines will be explored.   Staff and/or students at the three HEIs will be actively encouraged to integrate HIV&AIDS education in disciplines using participatory methodologies.   Through collaboration across disciplines, possibilities for working towards achieving sustainable HIV&AIDS education will be sought.