Change the world

Research Chair: HIV & AIDS in Education

Unit Head

Prof Naydene de Lange, D Ed (UPE)

Associate Members

Dr Mathabo Khau
Dr Margie Childs
Dr Christina Jordaan
Ms Robin Notshulwana


The VISUAL METHODOLOGIES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE UNIT operates in the Faculty of Education. It is a research entity that strives to advance the study of visual and participatory methodologies (photovoice, participatory video, digital archives, performance in community-based work) in education settings.

Objectives and functions

The objectives of the research-intensive and community outreach unit are to do the following:

  1. Contribute to the study of visual and participatory methodologies in general: The unit aims to promote the use of photovoice, participatory video, digital archives and performance in community-based-participatory research.
  2. Provide opportunities for staff at the Nelson Mandela University to become involved in research projects: The expertise of interested staff members will be channeled and supported within the unit to provide meaningful inputs into education projects. This approach will facilitate and encourage engagement as well as promote developmental and research opportunities and, as such, should help to increase both research outputs and engagement activities.
  3. Raise the community engagement and research profile of the Faculty: Engaging in projects in collaboration with schools, Education departments, NGOs and funding bodies will raise the community engagement profile of the Faculty and also provide opportunity for both faculty members and students to become involved in research projects for higher degrees and/or for publication purposes

The unit will achieve its objectives through

  • Use of established and new research projects
  • Supervision of post-graduate degrees, i.e., masters and doctoral research
  • Generating financial income for the Faculty and University, in the form of direct funding, postgraduate student subsidy and subsidy for publications
  • Creating research and engagement opportunities for the Faculty of Education
Contact information
Prof Naydene de Lange
Tel: 27 41 504 4519